New Release

November 4, 2021

Black Uhuru

  • Godfathers of Reggae Black Uhuru release new single “Jamaica To Here”

Black Uhuru’s Band Founder Duckie Simpson

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] – Legendary godfathers of reggae Black Uhuru are partnering with SoCal independent label LAW Records for the release of their new single “Jamaica To Here” (out Nov. 5th 2021),just months ahead of the storied band’s 50th anniversary.

Featuring the band’s iconic founder Duckie Simpson — back out front with his earthy, soulful baritone. He’s trading verses with Dylan Seid of Chico-based reggae rock outfit Dylans Dharma. The track is an unexpectedly groove-inducing cover of a 1976 folk song by English singer-songwriter Ralph McTell entitled “Clare To Here”.

The single captures Black Uhuru at their enduring best, passing the torch even as their flame continues to burn strong, in alignment with LAW’s mission of discovering and developing a new generation of emerging reggae artists, while simultaneously tracing a living historical connection between the genre’s future and its legendary Jamaican roots.

Inspired by Duckie’s time roving around California, the track was written and recorded during a 13-month stint away from home, just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak: “It’s a long, long way from Jamaica to California. Was kinda getting homesick and stuff like that. In the original song, he’s thinking about Josephine in County Clare. And I’m thinking about Carly back in Jamaica. So that’s how the lyric came up. We’re smoking a lot, and we’re in the studio, bustin ‘lyrics, you know?  ‘Only time I feel alright is when I’m into smokin’. Eases all the pain inside and level out my thinking …. it’s a long, long way from Jamaica to here.’ I wanted to go home, man.”

You can hear the full track and read our EPK here